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Monday, February 24, 2014

Andventures in Smocking Part 2

Continued from a previous post….

Now I was able to return the Amanda Jane smocking pleater that I had been borrowing without fear of having to live without smocking for a while. The relief and joy that I felt was immeasurable!

The pleater that I’d borrowed also had an awesome threadbox that it sat on. All of the spools of thread sat nicely inside and it worked like a dream. I had to have one. I had priced them and it was going to be at least fifty dollars for a new one, maybe less if I could find a good deal on a used one on EBay or somewhere else.

  Enter my husband.  He is a very good carpenter and all-around Mr. Fix-it and Build-it. He asked to look at it—he had seen it before but hadn’t paid very much attention to it. He said it would be easy to build one for me and we went the next evening to get the supplies.

And he did it!!! It turned out so beautifully! It is perfect and exactly like the one I had used with the borrowed pleater.

Here are some photos of the finished product:





I still need to get more thread to go in it, but these worked for the few things I have had to pleat so far.

Now, on to Easter sewing! I had a friend call today and order a smocked bishop for a newborn and I’ve been playing around with picture smocked bunnies. After ripping out and starting over a few times, I think I have them just about figured out.  I need to do one or two more to make sure I’ve counted all the stitches correctly, but so far I’m pretty pleased with the result.  Not too bad for my first time to ever to design my own picture smocked motif.


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